[T3] Still Flooding before starting.

Marklist marklist at healeyopolis.com
Thu Dec 30 14:24:22 PST 2010

71 FI manual square.

I've checked the spark - good.

After a two hour bus ride to replace the spark plug wire I broke in the 
previous test I reseated all the connectors for the EFI and clamped shut 
the hose to the cold start valve.

It still gives a half assed psuedo start and then floods.

I've now flattened the battery doing all my attempts to start it-fuck.

For the first time I might have had a fruitful conversation with a bus 
person.  He saw me with the box of spark plug wires and after talking a 
while he suggested it might be the Manifold Pressure Sensor.

Could it be?

I've got one from the wrong year and another that has no markings but 
"Bosch made in Germany".

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