[T3] Dash Light Bulb

Know One knowonelse at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 16 22:46:26 PDT 2011

> Severe oxidation filled the spaces between the
> > bulb and the holder. 
> Wow, I've never seen anything like that. Do you have a
> water problem in your interior?

I just posted some pictures to The Samba in the Type 3 - Squareback section. Look for photos from Jeff67sqbk.

The car started in Sacramento California area, then to Seattle for about 8 years, then back to the very dry California foothills. While the air box has gotten wet, it doesn't leak. 

The best explanation I have for this is that a very long time ago smoke roiled out of the dash, so I used a fire extinguisher and sprayed that powder all over the place. I think that that incident provided the corrosive material. 

Note that the photos on The Samba represent the brass after I cleaned them with phosphoric acid, except for the bulb holders, which is just after I got the last bulb out.

After the cleaning, one bulb (the oil pressure light of course) ended up with a very light-to-none pressure on the bulb. I tried to bend the brass base to provide more pressure. Time will tell if it will work over time.

Another note, while the turn signal relay doesn't show a ground on the wiring diagram, the case of the relay must be attached to the dash metal or it will not function.

I did find the wire from the fuse box to the cluster had lost most of it's strands, so I had to cut and attach a new connector. This is probably the original source of my intermittent dash light problems.

I also now have a parking light warning indicator for the first time in a lot of years.

I have a version of the wiring diagram upon which I added the names of the various components, which really helped me trace wires and components. Let me know if you want a PowerPoint copy, so you can embellish it or just use it. It is for a '67 however.

Jeff '67 Sqbk

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