[T3] Update with a Bowl Full of Rust Flakes

Know One knowonelse at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 23 18:12:22 PDT 2011

When I bought a tank locally, I found a little rust in it, as opposed to my tank what was totally messed up after having sat with some fuel in it for 10 years.

I suspended the tank from the rafters in the garage with straps, added some kerosene and some metal chain to the tank. Sloshed it all around to knock off the rust. Drained it, repeated a few times until the kerosene didn't pick up mush rust. Final rinse without the chain. By suspending it from the ceiling, it allowed me to slosh it around and to tip it over to drain into a container.

Kerosene doesn't ignite easily, has some oil in it, and mixes with fuel readily.

This was for my '67, which is NOT a FI tank, so those with FI can answer if this approach is appropriate for a FI tank.

Jeff '67 Sqbk

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