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Sun Jul 24 15:36:33 PDT 2011

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> On 2011.07.11, at 1101am, Jim Adney wrote:
> > Okay, starting in '70, with the key
> > ON go to the engine and slowly open the throttle valve. As it opens,
> > you should hear a series of clicks coming from the injectors. If you
> > hear these, that's a pretty good indication that the FI is at least
> > mostly working.
> Check.
> >
> > If you want to test further, turn the key OFF, turn the engine by
> > turning the generator belt until the dist rotor moves 180 deg. Then
> > repeat the test. If you get clicks in both cases, the FI must be in
> > at least fairly good shape.
> Check
> >
> > It can still have problems, but it is fundamentally working.
> >
> > For a '70, pull the vac hose off the pressure sensor and attach a
> > clean hose to it, so that you can suck on the other end. The pressure
> > sensor should hold vacuum, at least for a moment. If you get a free
> > flow of air, your pressure sensor diaphram is cracked.
> No hose to the pressure sensor. I guess i missed this one. I looked at my Bentley, but could not figure out what size hose and where it goes to from the pressure sensor. A little bit of help here would be appreciated.
> >
7mm hose about a meter long, so as to give it a loop to keep most of the oil from entering the M.P.S..

Hope this helps,

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