[T3] Huston, we have ignition! (was RE: Some Spark but no Fire (was RE: Update with a Bowl Full of Rust Flakes))

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Tue Jul 26 04:23:45 PDT 2011

Well done!
That's very satisfying.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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> If you are pumping the gas pedal you are flooding it! I only cycle my 
> key and never pump the pedal when I'm starting my FI from a cold start 
> or it will flood.
Well, I do not question the advice, but try it, and come to my own
conclusion, and as I have learned recently, keep it to myself. Apparently
folks are sensitive to comments/questions in regards to the help they are
going to give or have given.  Lost a few people that way, including P.A. for
a very long time, and now the relations can be tense.  Darn shame, as has
vast knowledge on a vast amount of areas.

Brian helped me from New York, and deserves a huge thank you, along with
Adney and Mr. Hall for there help here on the List!  :D 

I was going to respond back to Brian that the point gap was fine, but
realized that I had not recently checked it.  I decided to take Pedro's
advice, and go out and work on her instead of computing.  Thank you Pedro
for sharing this! :D 

So, checked the gap, and realized the mark in the distributor was not the
high point of the lobe.  It is about were the edge of the brass in the rotor
is.  I looked at the gap, and could see it was way out.  With the gauge, it
had to be at least 1.5 times too big. Decided to clean the trigger points
while at it, and pulled the distributor.  With the distributor out, was real
easy to gap the points.  Then pulled out the trigger contacts and cleaned
them per Russ' dollar bill method.  I greased the inner lobes, the lobes on
the contacts, and the distributor shaft.  The latter made almost all the
difference in putting in the distributor.  The other thing was realizing the
breast tin is a bit high so the vacuum can hits it, have to push firm.  Got
it all back together, primed the fuel ring, gave a few pumps of the
throttle, and bang, the engine was running! :O :D l.o.l.:   

It runs rough, and takes a bit to increase R.P.M., and you have to keep the
throttle open, otherwise it almost instantly dies. So happy walked the dogs
and to clear my lungs, as at that time, none of the doors were open.  After
which, started unearthing the Squareback to get it out of the garage.  Then
my bio Mom came out while I was repairing the ground wire for the rear
lights.  Not a perfect repair, but should work.  

Once done, lowered her off the jack stands, got in the Squareback, and told
my bio Mom to hold her breath.  Once started, she decided to open the door
to the house, so now the house smells like exhaust despite both outside
doors open and a breeze, but mostly gone because the air filter cleaned it
out.  Was a trick avoiding the van parked in the middle of the driveway,
especially when I realized that I had only rear brakes. :O  Killed the
engine twice, but the second time had enough momentum to coast to the street
and park it; sloppy but legal.  

This is my forth night up past 21:30, and I am so shot.  But, at least she
is out of the garage. ;) :D

Thank you all!
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