[T3] Dave did some work on the notch

David Sanderson djsanderson at telus.net
Sun Jul 17 10:11:00 PDT 2011

Hi Bob

It's been a slow time working on the notch but I finally finished the  
roof. As you recall, the original roof was pretty rotten and so I had  
to cut it out and weld in a new section. This was fairly difficult as  
I needed to get the correct curves and so on. Well, it's done and I  
blew on some hi-build. It looks very good and I am very pleased. I  
couldn't help sharing that with you.


And I've decided to go back to the original colour rather than the  
electric blue. The original colour was L512, velvet green. I think  
that it will be nice.

I'm still hoping to make the 2012 invasion.



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