[T3] A new T-34 owner?

John Jaranson jaransont3 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 19 18:52:14 PDT 2011

We took Jill's Type 34 to the Motor Muster show at the Henry Ford Greenfield Village this weekend.  Over 800 cars...all stock representing cars from 1936 to 1976.  Needless to say she was the only Type 34 there.  There were about dozen VWs there.  

Anyway...here are some links to shots of the Ghia at the show...







We talked with a ton of people about the car and got lots of compliments and lots of "what is it?"s and other such comments.  We even participated in the Pass & Review and she even stymied the announcers.   They didn't have much to say about her ex ept that she was very rare and designed by the Ghia study in Italy.  At least that part they got right.  The rest was pretty much wrong..."underneath the coachbuilt sheetmetal it is a Beetle", "successor to the Karmann Ghia", etc etc.  They really didn't know what to say about her.

We had a great weekend.  Good weather, great cars, and good car talk.

John Jaranson

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