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Prompted  by good advice here, I am about to re-install the thermostat in 
my 72  Squareback engine.    I have the tin and the manifold etc out  of the 
way and have un-wired the flap...right side.  And, I have the  pieces for 
the thermostat assembly.

But, how does the rod connect to  the flap?  There are two holes in that 
inside part of the flap where it  obviously connects.  Which hole, top or 
bottom, should be used...if it  matters?  
Then, does that rod just thread through the  hole...needing no circlip or 
anything?  I can rehearse this part of the  job on disassembled spare parts 
in my collection.   Unfortunately,  those parts have the flap wired in open 
position too...with no rod left in the  flap.

There's no pictures of those details in my  manuals. 

I did a cooling flaps removal tutorial last year for a guy who needed  a 
set. The flap assembly came off the 69 engine I got from Keith the year  
before. It shows the rod in the top hole, with a thin washer and circlip. Here's  
a couple of photos from that tutorial.
I hope this helps.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
71 Notch (Krunchy)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)

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