[T3] CV joints on a 68 swing axle

Robert Rogers rcrogers1 at peoplepc.com
Thu Apr 4 10:22:54 PDT 2013

Just a warning.  If you decide to remove or tighten the axle nut, make sure all four tires are on the ground and the emergency brake is set.  You will need the corrrect socket, a braker bar, and possibly a piece of pipe to slide over the braker bar to give you more leverage.  Also many of us have a tool that can remove the nut.  The tool fits over the nut much like a socket and a hammer is used to turn the tool.   

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>> I guess I'll also pull the wheels off and look into anything loose in the
>> drum area. How hard is it to replace axle bearing if that is my possible
>> issue?
>It's quite often very hard to get those swing axle bearings out 
>without destroying them. So I'd leave them alone unless they are 
>clearly bad. You can inspect them by taking off the rear axle flange 
>and then the bearing cover.
>One more thing that can cause some noise back there would be if the 
>large axle nut isn't fully tightened. It's a biggie: 220 ft-lbs.
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