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We're the sole owners of a Type 3 ... Square, Fasty or Notch ... in  the
Lake Geneva area.
Every time we take to the grocery store,  Wally-world, farmer's market or
out to eat, we ALWAYS get "looks" ... and  often get:  "Nice wheels, (or

Sometimes it's:
"What  is it?" or "I've never seen one like that."  or  "What year is  it?"
or "My Dad had one like that."

At least  you don't get "nice Corvair", like we do when driving the T-34 
Ghia. ;-)  

Bob 65  Notch S w/Sunroof and IRS aka Krusty
64 T-34 Ghia aka Wolfie
71  Square-vert under  construction

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