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This is  a '69 that has been converted to carbs. It may or may not be 
well done,  and if the engine is "new" it will probably mean that you 
get the pleasure  of figuring out how to get it properly jetted. Yes, 
I'd worry about a  "new" engine with no miles on it.

The seats have been replaced with  lowbacks and the padded dash is 
completely gone. The OG wheels are gone  and there's no spare. The F 
turn signals are from an earlier car, but the  fenders look to be '69, 
so there may be some bondo or welded metal in  there. The wiper motor 
arm has been removed and improperly  replaced.
Jim, this car also has side marker lights, so it could be a Euro  model, 
which carbs and low back front seats are standard. He says it was  originally 
purchased in Washington state (by the seller). Yes, at this time the  engine 
is an "unkown".

Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof

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