[T3] Pictures of my engine rebuild to date

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sun Dec 14 10:14:58 PST 2014

Jacob Adam Schroeder wrote:

> On further investigation, the hose you identified is a hose from what I
> believe to be the deceleration value (mounted under the driver's side of
> the engine compartment).  From the diagram I am working from, that should
> be connected at about 10-o'clock on the air cleaner (where I had the Aux
> Air Regulator connected), so I think I just had those switched.  Aside
> from the ID/OD on the ports to the air cleaner, do they all function the
> same?

Okay, those hoses are interchangable at the AC end. All the ports on the
AC that are above the seam connect to the same internal volume, so you can
swap them around if that makes them fit better.

> Also, the hoses on my charcoal filter are shot.  Should I replace them or
> just "cut out" the charcoal filter and run the port on the air elbow
> straight to the air cleaner?  I have no reason to doubt the integrity of
> my
> charcoal filter, aside from its age, as my car is pretty clean and has
> spent more than half of its life garaged.

The thing to look at is the steel line that runs from the overflow tank
under the LF fender. That is what carries fumes from the gas tank back to
the charcoal cannister. That line is almost always clogged with internal
rust by now, making the evap system non functional. You can check it by
trying to blow in the hose at the tank end. If it's open, replace your old
hoses; if it's blocked, remove those hoses and cap the ports on the fresh
air elbow and the AC.

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