[T3] Emergency Supplies Checklist

Jaz Jarzewiak jazfloyd at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 21:36:34 PST 2014

I appreciate it! I'll make a checklist of those pieces so that I can get
them all together before I start my test roadtrips.

67 Squareback "Scone"

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> jazfloyd at gmail.com writes:
> I was wondering which parts I should keep on hand during long  drives,
> especially with the Invasion coming up this summer.  I was  planning on
> packing
> an extra fan belt/bulbs/fuses/kitty litter(for any  possibility of getting
> stuck in mud).  Anything else I should bring  along just in case?
> I wouldn't ask Keith this question, as he'd tell you to pack a  spare car
> into your car. ;-)
> But the extra belt, bulbs, fuses, and ignition spares are always a  good
> thing to carry. Add in some hose (with clamps) that your car uses, a long
> length of wire, some mechanics wire, and tools wouldn't hurt either.
> For long trips, I carry a gasket set, tune up parts (plugs, points  and
> condenser), along with a section of hose, some wire, and anything I think
>  I
> might need to fix the car along side the road (mainly to get it to a safer
> place to really work on it). I'll also carry a set of brushes for the
> generator, and maybe even a spare voltage regulator (I'm still using the
> old  style
> non-solid state version). When I used a mechanical fuel pump, I used to
> carry 1 of those too, but I've since switched to electric, and don't carry
> the
>  spare anymore. I also carry 3 or 4 quarts of oil, as you never know when
> you  could get an oil leak. For tools, it's mostly the metric tools I
> normally use on a VW, plus assorted screw drivers, as sometimes you need a
>  short
> 1, and other times it's a long one. If you have a AAA card,and a cell
> phone, carry those too. ;-)
> So far out of all the road trips to different Invasions over the  years,
> I've used part of the gasket set (to help a fellow Invader), the  spare
> fuel
> pump (when the 1 I was using became vapor locked), and some tools  to fix a
> few things that I didn't before I left. :O On my last Invasion trip
>  (2012),
> I did go thru 2 starters (used), but I can't complain, as I just got  that
> car up and running a month or so prior. Other than those items,  I haven't
> had to do much on a long trip. I feel part of that is from prepping  the
> car
> as well as possible (making sure the front beam is greased, and the  upper
> sway bar adjusted, oil changed, and the brakes working  correctly and
> adjusted, and having good tires on the car) along with  making a couple of
> long
> trips (an hour or so long) before leaving to go to an  Invasion. Some of
> the
> stuff I carried came back home, and never got used  (which is fine with
> me),
> but it's nice to know that IF you need an item, you  have it with you.
> I'm sure others will chime in, as I know I'm not the only one who  carries
> an assortment of stuff with me. I hope this helps.
> Bob 65  Notch S w/Sunroof and IRS aka Krusty
> 64 T-34 Ghia aka Wolfie
> 71  Square-vert under  construction
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