[T3] Snow?

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 16:16:34 PST 2014

We've only had a coating here in ALbany, more salt has fallen than snow. 
We rarely get a streamer of lake effect in here and it doesnt last long, we
get our big snows from Noreasters and Transference storms.

Buffalo hasnt really had much snow, its all south of there.  They HAVE has
alot south of there but when I lived out there they had about 3 times the
plows and personal to deal with it, nothing phased them out there 20 years
ago.  Only about 20 of the 120 miles of closed thruway is really impassible.

Now take Pulaski, or Mexico NY... THAT is where the big snows fall!  They
had 11 feet a few years back, thats ELEVEN FEET!


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Dave,  Gail, Keith, 

Did any of you get some of this week's snow in NY state?  Looks like 
some areas really got dumped on. We only got just short of a  light 
2", so no problem here yet. More to come....

How about the  Detroit folks?

Hope you all got your yard work done and your Type 3s  put away.
Yesterday and this morning we had a dusting of maybe a 1/2 inch. This  
afternoon, it warmed up, and we're working on 2 to 3 inches as I type. Not  
really enough to shovel, but enough that the snow plow made 2 passes down
road, and threw some more salt down. We already had some on the roads
the weekend. But they were throwing salt because of the temps, more than  
precipitation on the roads. The construction project down the street from me

is  still going full speed though, as they're working against a deadline. I 
think when we get some "real" snow here, they'll throttle that job  down.
The type 3s are put away for the winter, and I'm looking at ordering  up 
some parts for my Notch (mainly seals and such). Got some rust removal to do

on it, and want the parts here for when I want to put it back together.  ;-)

Bob 65 Notch  with Sunroof
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