[T3] Sputtering on hills and uneven fuel at speed

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Sounds  very like something is disturbing the fuel flow.  Had you run it  
Have you a good vent pipe on the filler neck, or has dirt and water  got in?
Pull off the hose downstream from the filter - what comes out, and  how
quickly?  When was the filter last changed?  If all that  seems OK, maybe
there's a problem with the pump or fuel pressure  regulator.

Of course, it could be in the ignition circuit!  We  tend to assume problems
with the most complicated part of the equipment,  but it could be a dirty
plug, or dodgy lead etc.
My first thought was a clogged, or partly clogged fuel tank strainer. 
But, I've also ran into a coil causing the same drivability issues.  If 
you've got a spare coil, I'd give it a try, before digging into the fuel  
tank/fuel system.

Bob 65 Notch  with Sunroof
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