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This is  the first time Clementine has had a stock muffler since 1984.  In
this  time I have had no issues with the way the heater functions as long as
I  kept the hoses from the fan housing to the heater boxes on.  I  remember
someone on here saying at one time on here that when you run an  aftermarket
exhaust and do away with the hoses coming off the elbows to the  heater
thermostats that you could run the risk of the heat getting so hot  going
into the duct work it could burn the paint off the rockers under the  doors
(I think). When I heard this I was about to scrap out my parts car (a  72
square).  After hearing this I took the heater thermostats off it  among any
other good parts that was left before we took what was left to  the scrap
yard. I'm wondering should I replace the ones on it with the ones  off the
parts car or just leave it un hooked like it has been for the last  30 years
and just plug off the ports on the elbows.  Right now I just  have the 
on the fan housing plugged off where the elbows hook up but  we are about to
get our first freeze here in NE Alabama and I mainly drive  the car from
September to May ( some in the summer but no more than I have  to) so I need
to get the heater hooked back up here soon.  
Dennis, you should be ok with what's there. If you want, you can  remove 
the T-stats out of the ductwork like Keith mentioned, but I haven't had a  
problem with not having the 1 inch fresh air tubes hooked up.

Bob 65 Notch  with Sunroof
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