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In my experience, that kind of pulsating feeling is due to a rotor or drum
that is out of round.  I should say a drum that is out of round or a rotor
that is warped.  In a hydraulic system like auto brakes, since the fluid is
not compressible, if you have an out-of-round rotating component, you will
feel the pushback through the pedal when the out-of-round component forces
the piston (of the caliper or wheel cylinder) back against your foot

If a drum or rotor is out of round, it needs to be turned to true it, this
involves removing the high spot by turning the part on a lathe.

If the issue is with a rear brake you are likely to feel it only through
the pedal and maybe through the seat of your pants when braking.  If the
issue is with a front brake you usually will feel the vibration through the
steering wheel as well when braking.  But since you have a noise from the
rear it sounds like the rear might be the first place to look.

OK, thanks---this is pretty much what I suspected.  I don't feel it thru
the steering wheel, altho my steering is pretty loose.  I do feel it thru
my "seat" :)  and almost thru the floor of the car.  I'm pretty sure it's
coming from the rear.

Do you guys think the shop caused this?  It wasn't happenng before.


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