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Wasnt Lloyd the one that built you an engine that grenaded?
there's another thing it can be, the little clip that holds the ebrake arm
on can come off and get jammed up between the shoes and the drum, makes wild
things happen to the pedal as it wanders around, anything else that can
break off in there like a spring can do the same thing.


Yeah, he was.  But I still think it was because we got bad parts.
Otherwise, why would it have run so well for 6 years?

Anyway, we took off the "hats" today.  Not rust---they were out of round.
We took a caliper to them.  Passenger side was worse---that's the side that
was making the noise.  It's good I bought those new drums.  However, we had
a hard time finding someone to turn them, but we got it done.  Brakes are
great now.

I'm still wondering why this only happened AFTER that shop worked on my
car.  I am starting to think that they might have stolen my drums for
another car, and replaced them with bad drums.  Perhaps that is why it took
them 2 weeks to replace a MC.  I know it was quite difficult to find these
NOS drums, and I was told by one of my sources in Santa Cruz that they are
not being made any more.

Now I see know how the brakes work.  Interesting.

Lori & The Baroness, '71 AT SB

"I wrestled with reality for 36 years, and I'm happy to say I've finally
won out over it."
                                                  ---Elwood P. Dowd
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