[T3] New pump different hic-ups

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Tue May 12 17:32:31 PDT 2015

Well, you need to see where your at, check the points gap and set the
timing, what's the fuel pressure?  has anyone messed with the pressure
sensor?  then check the temp sensors and make sure they are right.

Injectors arent worth rebuilding, just buy good used ones.  if they dont
leak thats not likely your problem.


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I finally got the new (rebuilt by Jim in January) pump in the square. Leaked
a little but quit after I let it sit for about an hour. Fires up quickly as
it should but as I was driving/grinning the speedometer/odometer quit. I got
a new cable ready to install as the old one appeared to bind slightly and
the needle wandered a few mph. My wife took it out for the evening and said
it was stumbling again. On start up I get a rough idle and lots of white
smoke. I disconnected the cold start injector with no change. Feels like the
points are inconsistent but that wouldn't explain the white smoke. I think
it's awfully rich and/or I have an injector that is fouled. The AAR is
working as it should and I don't have any vacuum leaks in the air intake
that I can find.Last time the advance plate in the distributer was sticky,
and I put a drop of oil on it, so that will be part of my next wrenching.
I've been wondering about the injectors for a while and remember there was a
mention of gett
 ing them rebuilt. Has anyone gone that route? and would you repeat the
Tim 73 FI auto
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