[T3] Brake Calipers

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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New T3 calipers are unavailable, you got T1's supplied and they are smaller.
You need to rebuild the originals or send them to Jim to have them done, or
buy a set of rebuilts he has, not recommended to use the smaller T1


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To save time and so I don't miss deadline for state inspection, I got two
new brake calipers from a place recommended by a VW mechanic in the next
Slight problem, the holes for the mounting bolts are too small for the
bolts. Apparently, I forgot to mention that my axle beam is a '73, though
the car's a '71.  Who knew there'd be a difference?So, if the holes line up
with the thread holes in the axle assembly, could those caliper holes simply
be drilled out wider to accommodate the bolts?
Then...before I make the calipers un-returnable, are there any other
surprise differences?  
Only difference I spot is that the two pins that hold in the pads are a
different design.
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