[T3] 72 VW Fastback idlle

Dave Pallo rdavid at rochester.rr.com
Thu May 21 06:46:24 PDT 2015

Hi Dennis. I agree with Jim on his advice to clean out the air passage on
your idle speed screw. Our FI idle speed screw is not like most other cars
where the screw is a mechanical stop for the throttle plate to rest on. With
our FI system - this idle speed screw is an air bleed screw, where adjusting
the screw allows more or less air into the IAD, therefore raising or
lowering the idle speed.  (Our '72 throttle plates are supposed to be closed
fully at idle.) On my '72; if I back off the idle speed screw - I can raise
the idle to a very high rpm. To see your screw so far out tells me your air
passage is quite blocked. Keep in mind that with our 72's - you MUST have
the 72 dizzy with dual vacuum can properly installed and functioning in
order to achieve correct idle.  If you do not have the correct and
functioning '72 dizzy; your idle speed will be a compromise of engine timing
in order to achieve a correct idle speed.

I also agree with Jim on removing the dashpot. A not needed item ;-)

Dave Pallo

'72 Square ~ Elwood

Fairport, NY



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