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Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Tue May 26 11:18:58 PDT 2015

On 25 May 2015 at 18:40, Dennis Stiefel wrote:

> The 72 squareback we used as a parts car back when we were restoring 
> my fastback was manufactured was manufactured in January of 72. It had 
> a 4 spoke steering wheel. My fastback was made in April of 72 also 4 
> spoke.

Wow, I just checked the microfilm and it shows the 4-spoke wheel starting
from the beginning of the '72 model year, yet I was sure that my VERY early
'72 came with the 2-spoke wheel. I'm beginning to doubt my memory.

That car rusted away so I parted it out. I have all the parts, and I don't
have any 4-spoke wheels....

This may be another example of where the microfilm is wrong. (Or it could be
another example of my failing memory.)

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I seen an example of this with VW back in late 87 during my brief time I
turned wrenches at a VW dealer in Huntsville AL for about 6 months. We got a
load of Wolfsburg editions Jetta's in. The had a grill and trim like an 87
but they had digifant II FI like an 88 instead of CISe FI like the 87s had.
So you may have had a deal like that.   

Dennis Stiefel
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