[T3] Passenger Wheel Bearing Cover

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> jim,
>  I might be needing that. I went through the type 3 parts that I saved in
>  the move. I do not have a dust cap. Just let me know your paypal and how
>  much.
>  What I did fond was a type 3 brake hoard. I am assuming that one of you
>  guys told me how rare type 3 brake parts are getting? I have 3 rotors, 3
>  drums, 2 brand new sets of pads, 2 calipers with new pads in them and a
>  full set of rear shoes with brand new pads. I should be set for a little
>  while, anyway. :)

Just keep in mind that your 66 uses smaller inner bearings and races due to 
the mid-68 change, and you'll be good for a while.
And yes, type 3 brake parts are getting harder to find. ;-)

Bob 65 Notch with Sunroof</HTML>

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