[T3] Trouble home from Bugorama

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Sep 12 18:14:16 PDT 2015

You might be yet another victim of the chinese cylinder kits,  every
spec must be checked an even then...

Were these 85.5's?


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> You can always pull the head on the side that has no compression. It can
> be done with the engine in the car you have to remove the tin and a few
> other things over that side. But then again no compression I hate to say
> never a good thing.
If I am going to pull that head I might as well drop the engine so it'll be
easier work.  I guess I am still in shock and was hoping that there is an
easy explanation as to why I could be reading zero PSI on cylinder 2 or
that there was something to "check" before I dropped the engine to pull the
head.  I do not think that there is.

I only have 1000 miles on the engine and taking it back to the engine
builder is not an option.
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