[T3] Thermostat linkage spring?

Daniel K. Du Vall dduvall at 1peter4-10.org
Sun Nov 6 07:42:41 PST 2016

Finally had to do it. The passenger side number one spark plug since I received this 1972 Squareback has always bothered me in how it tightened down, Well on Saturday I was checking the valves and had removed the number one spark plug to make sure I was at TDC number one and also see how I was doing with fuel air mixture. When it came time to put it back in it went in real easy and never tightened down. Luckily I had a spare set of heads and so I pulled it and am in the process of replacing it.

Now a long while back I had removed the tin on that side to remove a washer that had fallen into the intake valve on number one, In the process of doing so I removed a small spring from the linkage and could not remember where it went. Does anyone know where it was? Since I have it all open I want to place it back in.

Here is a link to a pic of the spring:

Daniel Du Vall
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