[T3] Thermostat linkage spring?

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id HIGHLY reccomend NOT haphazardly replacing heads,
if the plug stripped, fix it, install a helicoil or an
insert as Id reccomend.
who knows what CC the new head is, or compares with the old, some were
stepped, some have been fly cut (most by now) and the compression ratio
could be changed drastically if you dont know.  Many aftermarket heads
have different castings too...  so many engines blow up and nobody knows why

and the root cause comes down to details like this, which really arent
details after all.


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Finally had to do it. The passenger side number one spark plug since I
received this 1972 Squareback has always bothered me in how it tightened
down, Well on Saturday I was checking the valves and had removed the number
one spark plug to make sure I was at TDC number one and also see how I was
doing with fuel air mixture. When it came time to put it back in it went in
real easy and never tightened down. Luckily I had a spare set of heads and
so I pulled it and am in the process of replacing it.

Now a long while back I had removed the tin on that side to remove a washer
that had fallen into the intake valve on number one, In the process of doing
so I removed a small spring from the linkage and could not remember where it
went. Does anyone know where it was? Since I have it all open I want to
place it back in.

Here is a link to a pic of the spring:

Daniel Du Vall
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