[T3] Alignment

Phil Hof phil.hof at ostronic.org
Sat Nov 26 15:01:51 PST 2016

My method has been to recognize that on a stock ride height car, the rocker trim is level from front to back, and of course, even from side to side.
IIRC, on my ’71, the common distance from the bottom of that trim to the ground is about 8-1/2 inches or so.
The height might be different over the years, but those two trim pieces should always be level all around.

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> Isn't there anyone out there witha 69 SB that can at least measure the 
> height  from  say the top of the rear fender from the lip top center to the 
> floor which seems to be what Daniel is asking for .
> Fingers and hands all differ and are not very precise. I have a 73 and know 
> the rear fenders are different or I'd check mine. I never checked mine when 
> I got to compare to now , who does ? Besides that when I have a load of 
> groceries in the back it seems like it is still the same without the load 
> yet I never checked it. Or perhaps measure the side moldings to ground at a 
> point near the rear. Isn't possible to have the ride height proper unloaded 
> yet to low with X amount of weight , it's not like the torsion bars aren't 
> weak after years and may drop more at some point than when new.
> There has to be some spec out there in some book someone has, at least I 
> would think so.
> William


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