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The  other shop works on all kinds of ACVW’s all the time but they were of 
the  opinion that even just measuring (let alone reindexing) the torsion 
arms is  such a pain in the butt (and so expensive if paying them to do it) 
that it’s  more worthwhile to install adjustable spring plates in the rear like 
racing  and off-road folks do. That way, rear ride height and camber can be 
more or  less simply adjusted. Anyone have any experience with adjustable 
spring  plates?
You need to ask that alignment shop if they CAN get  adjustable DOUBLE 
plates (that an IRS type 3 uses). Most of those that  you see are single plates, 
and are commonly found on swing axle cars. As far as  I know, nobody offers 
the double adjustable spring plate.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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