[T3] Electric fuel pump on a 66 Fastback with carbies.

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sat Oct 29 20:51:35 PDT 2016

If the electric pumps you can find have significant forward flow 
resistance, you'll need to do something more complicated. That would 
require a couple of Tees and a free-flowing check valve, in addition 
to the electric pump and switch.

On 29 Oct 2016 at 20:13, Jim Adney wrote:

> On 30 Oct 2016 at 8:09, Ross G Clarke wrote:
> > I am in favour of using a small "push button" switch to activate the
> > electric pump to prime going to the non active manual pump. This would
> > have the float bowls ready for starting and the manual pump take over
> > on the crank of the starter motor. 
> That would be my choice also, but it will work ONLY if the electric 
> pump has nearly zero resistance to flow forward when it's not 
> powered. It all depends on how sensitive the internal valving is on 
> those pumps, and I don't know what they look like inside. The way to 
> check is to simply blow thru it in the forward direction. If air can 
> pass forward with minimal resistance, it should work. (Note that the 
> first time you do this with a new pump the check valves may be 
> sticky.)  
> The extra pressure should not be a problem since you're only 
> energizing the electric pump for a few seconds before trying to start 
> the engine.  
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