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Hmmm... interesting, I dont think it was... but let me look back thru those

yes, it was a tourist delivery car but had a gas
heater not available in the US.  ALso the Emden 3E
radio, was that avail in the US?

  My 71 was a german spec
military car, that wasnt imported till 74.


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On 12 Dec 2017 at 19:37, Keith Park wrote:

> Interesting, my 73 had flat tops, but then again..  it was purchased in
> Germany but as the export model...  not a true US sold car.

Shouldn't make any difference. As long as it was a '73 U engine, the 
parts book only shows one piston option, world wide. Sounds like your 
'73 had been rebuilt.

For the record, if you went to Germany and bought a VW to bring home, 
under what was called "The Tourist Delivery Program" what you got was 
a genuine US code VW. That's how this was possible.

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