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Bob, are  you speaking of the fender screw or the fuel filler area  screw?

Hey Brian, I was actually talking about both. A gasket made of  D19 tape 
for the fuel cable to the body, and a forward fender screw that hides  way up 
front (about 3/4s of inch to 1 inch) away from the firewall. That one is  
tough to find and some people forget to re-install it when 
replacing/installing  fenders. It hides between the inner fender section, and the hood hinge  
There's also a possibility that when the fenders were re-installed  (after 
painting) that someone left out the D19 tape between the body and the  
fender fastening lip. This would allow water to enter behind the carpet on the  
sides and travel to the floor.
Like Jim mentioned earlier, the air box can leak from the drain  holes, and 
the shelf that the drain holes and box attach are another place for  water 
to enter the cabin. Not to mention water can enter the cabin thru the  wiper 
shaft seals. These are ALL places I'd look for water leaks. 
Keep in mind the age of some of these parts,and whether or not  they've 
been replaced over the years. Even the squirter nozzle can be a source  for a 
water leak, or even the grommet for the hose to pass thru the upper air  box 
section (metal area).
I hope this gives you some places to look, and help you find your  leak.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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