[T3] Front tire wobble

Daniel Nohejl d.nohejl at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 19:09:03 PDT 2017

I daily drive my ’69 on primitive NYC roads, streets, and highways. Whenever I have anything like what you describe, I check the upper torsion arm adjustment. If it’s loose, I adjust it. If that’s okay, or if adjusting doesn’t improve things, I move on to tie rod ends. The last two times this happened, it was a bad outer tie rod end. Back in November or December, it was my left outer. Now my right outer is bad and I feel a shimmy in the wheel on bumps and certain turns. If I tug on the tire, the tie rod end “jumps” a bit up and down in it’s socket. There’s also a bit of slack in the steering wheel when turning to the right. I just haven’t replaced it yet b/c then I have to get an alignment which isn’t a straightforward procedure out here. 

I know I’m not one of the Meisters on this list, but this has been my experience in the last 5 years and 50k+ miles or driving. 


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> The car is an 1969 Squareback.
> When I hit a bump the right front tire will wobble until I give the steering wheel a slight turn.
> I examined the suspension and steering linkages and have not found an obvious cause.
> I did think "steering stabilizer", picked one up in San Diego County. Switched it out and there was no change. In fact I believe the original one is a better unit.
> Yes, I certainly should of pulled it and checked it instead of just changing it out.
> Advise of what to check or look for next?
> Brion S
> S. Utah
> 69 Squareback
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