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I've got one and it works great.  I use it for axle nuts and gland nuts.  I'm only replying to this thread because I noticed somebody said to multiply by 9. ?   I've always been told they were 10 to 1.  I believe the instructions that came with mine said multiply by 10 to 1, so if you need to torque to 250 ft lbs you set your torque wrench to 25.  
I suppose there may be some out there that are 9 to 1, but I'd double check your instructions first.


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Has  anyone in the group used or own a torque multiplier.

I am thinking of  purchasing one. I have a drive yoke to torque on a Dodge diesel yoke. I also  think it would make life easier removing/installing the vw flywheel nuts and  axle nuts.

Any thoughts out there?
Yup, I've got 1 that I use strictly for Gland nuts (Got it from Kymco).  
I've had it for over 12 years now and love it. : ) I just picked up the gear drive set up for doing axle nuts last summer (got  it very cheap). For nuts and bolts that get torqued over 200 ft lbs it's a  godsend. Those that I have multiply by 9.

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof
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