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Best to  find the flasher and get the added benefit of the lighter loads. 
Super  bright Led sells one and I believe they are just an electronic 
flasher that  does the flashing through chips and not load heat contacts. 
I plan on  switching the rest of mine out and trying to go the flasher way. 

So  far I have replaced most the dash lights the two small marker light in 
the  front and the license plate lights those are now bright almost too 
bright  ;-)

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On 2017-11-03 20:04, Dave  Hall wrote:
> I see that there are special flasher units for LED turn  signal lamps - 
> presumably as the old relay no longer senses the  larger load that was 
> provided by the filament lamps. The alternative  seems to be adding a 
> ballast resistor to mimic the filaments.   Anyone confirm that?  I'm 
> thinking I may need something like  that to use on 6V system, as it's 
> always hard to produce enough light  with those.
> Dave
> UK VW Type3&4  Club
I agree with Dennis on that one. My son Rob has been doing the LED switch  
for years on his cars, as he prefers the added light the LEDs give off (not 
to  mention some have changeable colors like he has for his trunk light). 
Dave, the lights that Shawn mentioned work very well on 6 volt systems, as  
I've seen video of his and of another user of them (Josh), who are using 
them on  6 volt type 3s. They are very bright 6 volt bulbs (sorry LEDs). If I 
still had a  6 volt car running on 6 volts, I'd definitely have them on it.
But the "Super Bright LEDs" that have been mentioned here are reasonably  
priced and are pretty bright on a type 3 with 12 volt. I was surprised to see 
 how bright they are in person. And they might make the difference between 
being  seen and not being seen.

Bob 65 Notch  w/Factory Sunroof converted to  IRS
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