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Dorough, Don CIV, NPPSC N3/PSD Pensacola don.dorough at navy.mil
Fri Feb 16 12:45:32 PST 2018

Hey Jim,
What's your address and I'll mail you a check for $5 for the foam seal.  That's a deal!
I'm going to have to tear it down (soon) to replace the oil cooler seals, so I know I will need the foam seal as well.

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On 15 Feb 2018 at 14:40, Dorough, Don CIV, NPPSC N3/PSD Pensacola

> My oil cooler is leaking (looks like it's right at the donuts)

The seals in your '70 should be more like tubes with a central flange.

When you take the tin off, there should also be a foam pad on top of the cooler. This keeps cooling air from escaping without doing any cooling. The OG foam was glued together from chopped up foam scrap and started to disintegrate after a few years. You may or may not find any remnants of the old foam. If there's still old foam there, it will come unglued and disintegrate if parts solvent hits it.

I make replacment foam pads that are better than the original: not chopped and glued, much better than the original stuff. Mine have been in service for maybe 30 years and still fine. $5 gets one shipped to you.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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