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I’ve only read that using ASE R7 rated fuel line can degrade from fuels with ethanol and this is mainly at the ends where it’s clamped. Also it may cause splits inside the hose mostly at bends . I have seen the ends split or crack inside layer yet not visibly leak . R9 rated hose to me does not look different yet from what I’ve read they hold up to the affects of ethanol , I can’t say what other additives are in the fuels we now have . The only reference between R7 and R9 is R9 is called fuel injection rated and R7 emissions rated . 

 There are some fuel lines such as what Gates offers and others that are rated for ethanol based fuels and have a inner layer that will not allow fuel fume permeation and other layers consisting of corded material for pressure rating and outer layers rated for oil and temp resistance. 

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On 26 Sep 2018 at 23:03, Dave Hall wrote:

> In what other way can the fuel hoses draw in air, but not leak fuel,
> other than through porosity?

How about a loss of elasticity in the old hose, leading to "micro" 
leaks at the connections?

OTOH, I've never found replacing the hose to cure the problem. But 
different kinds of hose could have different amounts of permeability.

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