[T3] proper carb spacers?

David Yaghoubian goob at roadrunner.com
Mon Apr 8 11:23:54 PDT 2019

Thanks Jim. Despite the 15 years of vapor lock and list threads and WBOS and
needless electric pump etc I'm actually excited about this! =) 

ISP is digging around and will hopefully get back to me later today. Or if
any listees have a set they are willing to part with please let me know.

Thanks all!


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Sounds like we've all been barking up the wrong tree. I don't see any 
thermal isolator there, and I'm sure there's supposed to be one.

I just checked my parts book, to see what it shows, but that didn't help
It only showed one part there. That part looked thick in the illustration
was called out as a gasket in the listing. There were 2 versions, for
runs of engines, but I'm not sure what the difference might be. Oddly, the A

version was for early cars, while the plain one was for late cars.

Early, up to late '66. 341 129 795A

Late, late '66-on, 341 129 795 (manifolds w/dual balance pipe ports)

The parts book seems to show dual port heads in use in '66. I thought all 
'66s were single port heads.

It's likely that the OE part consisted of a phenolic spacer with paper
pre-glued to each side. Using aftermarket paper gaskets with an OE spacer 
with the OE paper scraped off is a very reasonable way to go.

I'd try to find the real thing, rather than someone's universal fit repop.
With a 
bit of patience, I'd expect someone on this list to have an extra pair they 
could sell. Failing that, try ISP. Google found some in Europe, but at high 
prices. OTOH, this is a good solution to your problem and these parts don't 
wear out.

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