[T3] proper carb spacers?

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Dave, from what I can see (in your pics), you only have the thick paper gasket under your carbs.
The phenolic spacer is about 5/16ths inch thick, and you'd have long studs holding the carbs to 
the manifolds. I just looked on ISP's web site and they don't have any, which means you'll have 
to search the Samba classifieds for them (the spacers).
It appears that your issue is different from mine, in that your carbs are boiling the fuel, versus the 
pump vapor locking. The spacers should help alleviate the problem. But, you might want to look 
over the rest of the cooling system as well, just to make sure it's not a mouse nest or something 
causing the problem. Just mentioning it, as it wouldn't be the first time.

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Thanks for the reply and photo. Pretty carb! So are you saying that under the carb in your photo (and mine) there should be a phenolic spacer? I can see what looks like a gasket under mine, but it isn't very thick. Do you possibly have a photo of a phenolic spacer so I can determine whether or not this is the/a culprit? Thanks again,

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As a follow-up, here’s a pic of one of my freshly-rebuilt carbs out of the car:


This just shows the carb with throttle valve section installed. There are no spacers shown in this photo. 


> On Apr 8, 2019, at 10:13 AM, Sean Bartnik <sjbartnik at mac.com> wrote:
> I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with vapor lock. I also run a dual carb setup with stock mechanical fuel pump and I’ve never had a vapor lock issue even in the worst of summer (95 degrees with 90% humidity). 
> I looked at your pictures and they’re not quite clear (and I’m also used to seeing a single port manifold, not dual port), but it appears to me in your photos that you don’t have any phenolic spacers at all. 
> I just see the carb body with the throttle plate section below it (removable on these carbs from the main body) and then the manifold. 
> I see the gasket between the main carb body and the throttle valve section, but I see no spacer below that between carb and manifold. 
> -Sean
>> On Apr 8, 2019, at 6:13 AM, David Yaghoubian <goob at roadrunner.com> wrote:
>> Now focusing on the carbs to continue trying to figure out my vapor lock
>> issue, do I have the correct spacers under my carbs? Sorry to have to ask
>> but my Bentley is 1968 and up, and the photos in the Haynes and Scientific
>> American don't show the spacers/gaskets clearly.

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