[T3] Speedometer Not Rest at Home

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 10:44:00 PDT 2019

There is a small coiled spring that keeps the needle against the needle
stop. my needle broke yet the spring still kept the needle shaft CCW of the
needle stop. I fit the needle back into position then used a needle to
apply a good super glue to secure the needle where it seems to break right
at the large round black center where it has two fingers that locks the
needle in place . it's been this way fro 20 years and hasn't come loose
yet. On the one where the needle does not rest on the stop pin tells me at
some point either some one removed the needle or lifted it over the stop ,
no way to tell, or the clock string is broken . You can try to rotate the
needle one turn CCW and carefully lift it over the stop or just send it to
Jim. I've repaired both of mine because the odometer was not working which
is a cast metal gear that over time becomes  loose on it's shaft. Never had
one with the needle not resting on the stop . Seems over years the needle
becomes brittle all it takes is to touch it and it breaks, The clock and
fuel gauge needles are thin metal don't know why the speedo needle was

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 9:36 PM Jeff C <knowonelse at gmail.com> wrote:

> The original speedometer needle broke off, so I replaced it with a later
> model with a trip odo.
> The needle does not rest at the home location, it rests at about 15 MPH,
> while at rest it would be at 10.
> Anyone know how to re-position the needle?
> There is probably some pre-tension needed to keep the needle at 10 until
> the car actually gets to 10 MPH.
> While the car tells me I'm racing down the road at 70 when I'm doing 55,
> I'd like it to be accurate.
> Jeff '67 Sqbk with later speedo
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