[T3] Diagnosis help for a badly running 1971 VW 411

Jens Vagelpohl jens at type4.org
Tue Aug 13 10:30:08 PDT 2019

> I'm not sure what the difference was between the EA and EB engines. It 
> seems likely that they were different compression ratios, as the EA came 
> with 80 HP while the EB came with 72 HP. (Or, to use the proper 
> engineering lingo, BHP, Brake HorsePower.)
> It's interesting that while the '74 D-jet 1.7 L EA engines were still rated at 80 
> BHP, the new '74 L-jet 1.8 L EC engines delivered just 76 BHP.

The difference may be about emission control devices and adjustments. The 1.8 definitely had a lot for the CA market.

> Note that it's possible that these production numbers include everything that 
> went into both Type 4s and 914/4s. There's no way to tell, and I suspect that 
> engines for both cars were made at the same place at the same time, so 
> there's no way to tell from here how they were divided up.

Yes, they will have been built in the same place for both cars and have a single run of engine number/engine code combinations. You would never have EC 000 001 in a 412 and another EC 000 001 in the 914.


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