[T3] Diagnosis help for a badly running 1971 VW 411

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Most of the EA 1.7L engines went into the 914, while the rest went into the 411.
Most EA 1.7 L's had domed pistons too, hence the higher HP.
The EB 1.8L's got L-jet, and lower compression engines.

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> I'm not sure what the difference was between the EA and EB engines. It 
> seems likely that they were different compression ratios, as the EA came 
> with 80 HP while the EB came with 72 HP. (Or, to use the proper 
> engineering lingo, BHP, Brake HorsePower.)
> It's interesting that while the '74 D-jet 1.7 L EA engines were still rated at 80 
> BHP, the new '74 L-jet 1.8 L EC engines delivered just 76 BHP.

The difference may be about emission control devices and adjustments. The 1.8 definitely had a lot for the CA market.

> Note that it's possible that these production numbers include everything that 
> went into both Type 4s and 914/4s. There's no way to tell, and I suspect that 
> engines for both cars were made at the same place at the same time, so 
> there's no way to tell from here how they were divided up.

Yes, they will have been built in the same place for both cars and have a single run of engine number/engine code combinations. You would never have EC 000 001 in a 412 and another EC 000 001 in the 914.


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