[T3] '73 Idle Test

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 16:23:31 PDT 2019

Jim You are correct.
 I checked the double black with a volt meter key on in reverse had power.
Checked the CSV plug only hot cranking .

 I connected the TS1 let it warm up and made sure the AAR was closed it was
still open a bit so I plugged the line at the oil bath brought the idle up
to 1000 in park yet when I give it gas it still is unsteady and if I let
off the gas I hear backfiring sounded like exhaust heard it before.

 All I could find was the power relay which #30 and #47 disconnected and an
ohm meter across them it had 42 ohms resistance and was consistent. Not
having another I removed the metal cover and as one would clean trigger
points dragging paper through the contacts it's now .02 ohm. Put the cover
back on just bending the 6 peens back . Also the ground wire when I had the
relay upside down kept coming off the female spade was split 1/3 of the way
opposite the rolled edges near the end . It never cut out on me so this was
not the issue yet I had another factory female with wire in good shape and
replaced it. also placed a star washer between the relay hold down and the
metal wall.

 The relay resistance might have been an issue haven't tried doing the TS1
again so there was some voltage drop through the relay switch. I did check
for a voltage drop with the  voltmeter on the batt + then on 30/51 and 47 ,
with engine off had battery voltage on 47 and read zero on 30 telling me
the wires were good yet once I started the car and checked the same way now
having a load on it or current flow both were in the mV . Yet doing it this
way it's the fuel pump pump relay coil and what ever the ECU draws for the
entire system have no idea what that figure is. I imagine the ECU is
getting full voltage.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 10:50 AM Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 29 Aug 2019 at 9:14, William Jahn wrote:
> > Jim that single black to the double black goes to the starter and also
> has
> > continuity with one connector of the CSV plug . It makes no sense why the
> > two black wire lead into the car.
> I suspect that you've confused different wire bundles coming thru the
> engine
> breastplate or bulkhead. It's dark up there and there are several wire
> bundles that enter that space. It's easy to get them confused when moving
> from the topside of the car to underneath. The single black wire should
> come
> from your shift console, but I don't remember exactly how it gets there.
> The
> shift console also houses the neutral safety switch, which connects back
> to
> the starter solenoid term #50, so I'm guessing that single black wire is
> cabled along with the starter solenoid wire and then continues on rearward.
> > In the test connector there is a + it's a red/white wire off starter
> > that comes over the front tin of the engine near the pressure reg then
> > goes around in the engine harness to the test plug , it's hot all the
> > time.
> Yes, just as I said, although I did not mention the wire color.
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