[T3] Since I replaced the runner boots and all vacuum lines noticed

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On a related note, has anyone ever come up with a way to adjust the flow in
the heated AAR's they used on the Automatic's?  They used the T4 one on the
auto's right?  I really need to raise the cold idle speed on the 2056 but
they dont look adjustable, even if I get creative.


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 That once started the RPM is 1,000 then soon climbs to 1200 to 1300 and
even when warmed up once placed in park it takes a few seconds to climb up
and then stays there. The issue I was trying to fix was it idled better
with the IAD temp sensor unplugged , now if i plug it in cold it's fine yet
once it warms up a bit the idle speed will still drop 200 rpm. It's better
than before other than the idle. It takes the electric AAR a while to close
and I set the RPM with the engine warmed up and the AAR plugged then the
idle was 1,000 RPM. So the AAR is not closing fully all the time , I will
see if I can spray something in there to clean it maybe free it up. It
seems the closing of the AAR and the IAD temp sensor have a relationship.
In other words if the AAR does not fully close it may lean out the mix just
enough since it is a sort of vacuum leak that maybe the pressure sensor
tries to compensate for yet might not be able to, as well as keep the idle
higher than it should be. I know how it used to work and never had a high
idle or issues with the temp sensor connected.

 This has been an issue since 2009 . I do know the AAR is getting 12 volts
and the heater works.

 I did adjust the TPS it was a bit off meaning it didn't reach the first
enrichment contact soon enough it was 1 mark too far CCW now it works right
when the throttle opens when before I could open the throttle a bit
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