[T3] Nose too high.

John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Mon Jun 17 17:19:04 PDT 2019

> On Jun 17, 2019, at 6:51 PM, John Jaranson <john at carartbyjohn.com> wrote:
> I do have the blueprints all the Type 3 body styles.  Even posted them on the Samba in the Archives/Backgrounds section.  I went ahead and scaled off the Squareback drawing based on the wheelbase and overall length dimensions given on the drawing.  Using that scaling factor, the front wheel lip is 26.5” off the ground and the center of the bottom flange of the beam is 8.3” off the ground.

Here is a link to the image that I used…..meant to include it in my last post.

http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2019Misc/Type3RideHeightSM.jpg <http://www.carartbyjohn.com/2019Misc/Type3RideHeightSM.jpg>

John Jaranson

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