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 My multi-decade use of VW Squarebacks,  one bus, a Ghia, and a Beetle, is over.   Recently sold my '71 T-3, and a few parts from my collection.  But, I have heaps of parts left. 
  Jim Adney, a while back, advised about what may still be useful, and what to take to metal recycle...but where to find takers for the many usable parts?   That's  considering the cost of shipping heavy things.  
 This job would be easier on the West Coast than in Philadelphia where salted roads and rust have shrunken the vintage VW scene.
I'm not expert enough to test electronic things...what do with them? (i.e., generators, coils, fuel pumps, relays, voltage regulators, starters, fuse boxes, wiper switches, etc.)
But then there's doors, a rear hatch, windows, lights and light lenses and rims, sun visors, hub caps, chrome trim, oil coolers, engine tin, heater boxes, ash trays, antennas, steering wheels, torsion bars, throw-out bearings, brake rotors, brake cylinders, a transmission, ball joint ends, pedals, shifters, r. view mirror(s), valves and valve covers, cylinder heads, dome light(s), clutch cable(s), fan(s), seat belts, screws, nuts, lug nuts, bolts galore, some bumpers that aren't cherry, clocks, oil dip sticks,....and \more.

Any advice on finding good homes for this stock of Vintage VW parts will be greatly appreciated.   I'll help carrying it all out to your (or someone's) cargo truck.

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