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John Jaranson john at carartbyjohn.com
Mon Jun 24 17:50:48 PDT 2019

> On Jun 24, 2019, at 10:09 AM, larryt3162 at yahoo.com wrote:
> I have some questions for those on the eastern side of the continent that are planning on attending.
> 1. Are you planning on driving your type 3 or will you be towing/trailering it?
> 2. If driving it, about how many days, each way, would you allocate? 
> 3. Would you plan on doing any in-trip maintenance? (oil change, ignition/valve adjustments)
> 4. What would be your must-carry spares and tools?
> My rough guess is about 7-9 days, each way, without allowing for many/any significant side trips/delays. 


Of course we are driving…<G>  Wouldn’t be an Invasion for us if we trailered them.

When Jill and I made the trip to the 2016 Invasion in Prescott Valley, AZ it was just under 2000 miles one-way for us.  We did that trip in 3.5 days each way doing 500-600 miles each day.  That was without any significant issues to cause us to stop for extended periods of time.  We did take the time for a few sightseeing opportunities along the way and nice leisurely lunches and dinners.

The trip to Crescent City for the 2020 Invasion is just under 2500 miles each way for us.  We will likely plan 4.5 to 5 days…again averaging between 500-600 miles each day.  So far 10-11 hours in the car each day is manageable.

I think I checked the valves on both cars after the second full day of driving each way and at the Invasion.  I also did an oil change in Prescott Valley on both cars.  Will likely do the same on the trip to Crescent City.  That was the only preventive maintenance I did, besides checking the oil with every fuel stop and keeping it topped up.

As for must carry tools and spares…the list can be pretty long, especially since we are carry for both cars.  I typically carry:

Small Tool Box:	Metric wrench set (open, box, gear wrenches)
				Metric ratchet set (1/4” and 3/8” drive) with various extensions
				Screw driver set (various sizes both flat and phillips)
				Various pliers
				1/2” breaker bar with 17mm, 30mm and 36mm sockets
				Feeler gages
				Carb Synchronizer
				Clutch Alignment Tool
				Wire strippers
				Electrical Tape
				Flashlights/LED Work Lights
Aluminum Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Roll-up Padded Sleep Mat (for working on the side of the road or parking lot)
Gallon of Oil (at least)
Brake Fluid
A few feet of fuel line
Accelerator Cable
Clutch Cable
Generator Belt (2)
Spare tire (one in each car since they are not interchangeable on our cars)
Tire Plug Kit
Set of Points
Spare Fuses and Bulbs

I also try to travel with Keith Park and Jim Adney as much as possible on these long trips.  Lots of peace of mind traveling with them due to their immense knowledge of our cars.  Plus Keith cars just about enough spare parts to completely rebuild just about anything that might go wrong. <G>

I am sure I have missed a few things on my list, but others will fill in I am sure.  As we get a little closer, I will be posting routes and such on the Invaders Map.  Always great to hook up and caravan with other Invaders to these things.

Crescent City or Bust!

John Jaranson

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