[T3] Ignition replacement

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Tue Jun 25 05:57:43 PDT 2019

This recent thread about the one-year-only '71 ignition switch should be a 
reminder to all of us who own a '71, that this is a potential problem area.

For this reason, I'd like to remind all our '71 owners about the kit I've 
developed that installs 3 relays to take virtually all the load off the ignition 
switch contacts. It's a complicated install, but it's done neatly and is nearly 
invisible when complete. Once installed, the function is completely 
transparent, ie, starting the car with your key and switch will appear to work 
exactly as before.  

The kit includes all required wiring, brackets, and relays, plus 8 pages of 
step by step instructions, but it may not be suitable for someone who has no 
clue about how electricity works. You will also need the patience to follow 
step by step instructions. There are 2 connectors, which I supply, that you 
will need to crimp onto wires yourself. Normal hand tools are required, plus a 
small jeweler's screwdriver to release the locking tabs on a few connectors.

You will also need a special tool to unscrew the collars that secure the 
headlight and 4-way flasher switches to the dash. This is a good tool to have 
anyway, and they are available at reasonable cost from some of the VW 
online suppliers.

Note that this kit DOES NOT replace your ignition switch, so you need to 
install this kit BEFORE your switch fails.

This modification may take a full day to install. It's hard for me to be sure 
about this, because it took me 3 days, but I was doing it slowly while working 
out the step by step instructions, the connector types, and all the wire colors 
and lengths at the same time.  

My '71 has been working perfectly with this modification for several years.

The price of the kit is $95. Note that it is suitable ONLY for '71 Type 3s.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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