[T3] Got the runner boots and fuel line and intake gaskets done yet .

donrob at yachtsales.com donrob at yachtsales.com
Sat May 25 06:35:34 PDT 2019

I had a crossfire on a bad set of plug wires that bent my crankshaft.  
They were new old stock wire that was a little too old.  I said quite a 
few words to various assorted saints when I had to re-rebuild my just 
rebuilt engine.

Don Robertson
905 566-0000
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On 2019-05-25 08:14, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 24 May 2019 at 18:41, William Jahn wrote:
>>  I've never done this before in my life and now wonder if running it 
>> like
>> this for 15 minutes could have done any damage.
> I doubt if you hurt anything. A backfire may be noisy, but it probably 
> puts
> much less stress on the engine than normal running. What it CAN damage 
> is
> the exhaust system, which isn't built to withstand the combustion 
> happening
> there rather than between the head and the piston. OTOH, if it managed 
> to
> pop something loose in the exhaust system, you'd know that right away, 
> from
> the noise you would now be getting.

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