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Wed May 29 07:10:22 PDT 2019

I come from the other perspective after running a British engine for a few
years.  I will never, ever run a 20-50 weight oil.  I have found it is more
important to have oil on the bearings than to run thick oil.  I run 5-20 in
the summer and 5-30 in the winter and my bearings are happy.  I build oil
pressure much quicker where it matters and inless an oil pump is worn out,
the bearings are covered, period.
Also, after break in, I no longer bother with finding super wiz bang zinc
oils.  Just makes no difference... It is all about if the cam maker got the
Rockwell hardness of the cam correct with the lifters.
Back in the 90s, the cams that kept dying were NOT the correct hardness.

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