[T3] my long term issue have to unplug TS1 for a smooth idle.

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Mon Sep 30 11:12:27 PDT 2019

On 30 Sep 2019 at 10:17, William Jahn wrote:

>  I have a spare MPS 311 906 051 D that used to work fine. I decided to
> clear out the epoxy locking the one 7 mm allen adjustment screw .

The D should have a slotted screw adjuster, with 2 more adjustments 
beneath it. There are 3 adjustments total in that version, as well as in the C 

>  I did not want to screw with the E mps the 116 it is still from the
> factory adjustment yet felt the D since it's the same exact unit as the E
> and did work fine before all this . If one removed the numbers from the E
> and D MPS you cannot tell one from the other.

Those 2 should look quite a bit different. Perhaps you're talking about an 
early E, a 016, as used in '72. That would look exactly like the 116. The D 
has slots in the cover and looks quite different.

>  I know adjusting the MPS is done by some in the know yet I tried it and so
> far things are much better with the slight adjustment and TS1 connected.
> 1/8th turn in not much and I didn't ruin the E116 MPS .

If you stick to less than a half turn, and keep careful track of your starting 
point, you're probably okay. You're turning the adjusting screw CCW, which 
is the correct way to make it richer. 1/8 turn, or less, at a time, is the way to 

I'd still like to see you try different 116 MAP sensors and different 048 brains 
to test your original parts by substitution. Changing the MAP sensor may 
cure your current symptoms, but it MIGHT just be doing so by covering up a 
problem in the brain. In other words, it might be the same as unplugging the 
temp sensor.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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